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Information on your Estimated Shipping Date and Guarantee
Please Read!!!
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Please be advised that the shipping date indicated on your confirmation is an ESTIMATED date of when we can ship your order. It is not an exact date, therefore, we do not want you to be disappointed when we might run late on our schedule.

Queen/Bee orders are pre-sold and booked well in advance and many more things can go wrong than go right to cause delays. We must work around inclement weather, mite problems, queen percentages, queen cell startups, viruses, diseases, and many other problems that have plagued the bee industry.

So, rarely are we early and almost always we can run behind so please keep this in mind BEFORE you schedule your vacation from work, kill your old queens, make your splits and any other possibility that might cause serious problems with your bees. Simply because of the overwhelming number of shipments that are scheduled daily, phoning each and every customer every day to alert you to our current shipping status is not possible. However, online orders will receive an email on the day we make your shipment. Of course, we welcome your inquiries on the status of your order.

We will do our very best to get the orders out as close to the schedule as possible. We will not ship your queens until we are sure that they are laying a good egg pattern. Unfortunately, this cannot be rushed in spite of how much we would love to be able to do that. The agricultural business is unique, you must be flexible and patient as the bees don't work around your schedule, you must learn to work around theirs!


QUEENS are available from April until the end of October.

Package Bees are available April and May.

4-Frame Nucs and Established Hives are available Spring and Summer.


We use the standard 3-hole wooden queen cages.

For Spring shipments we book orders in advance, send a confirming bill, and require payment in full at time of booking.

Shipping charges are subject to change.

Shipping and handling is not included on the replacement. Successful introduction is not guaranteed.

We also offer Customer Pickup at our location. You can select this option during the checkout process.


For Queens & Package Bees: Should you need to cancel your order, we can do that with a store credit to be applied to a future purchase. If a refund is desired, we offer a "one time only" courtesy refund. Cancellations require a TWO-WEEK NOTICE prior to pick-up/ship date.

For 4-Frame Nucs & Established Hives: We do not offer refunds on these items as they are prepared way ahead of time according to orders placed.


We will make one reshipment only of any queens or package bees that are dead on arrival through no fault of the customer, IF it is reported within 24 hours of delivery. However, we are NOT responsible and will NOT replace queens or package bees that are left in the cold or hot sun by your UPS carrier.

It is best to have your package bees or queens shipped to a UPS PICK UP LOCATION. Please provide that information at checkout as your shipping address. If that is not an option, please make sure that you discuss your bee shipment with your local UPS carrier prior to arrival as to the proper handling of the bees while on his route. If you will not be home, leave your driver a note so the queens/bees are not left in a sunny location.

SUMMER HEAT ADVISORY: For Queen shipments during July, August, and September: with temperatures rising, the summer months for shipping live queens are very high risk and we will be unable to guarantee live delivery. It helps to have your queens shipped to a UPS hub for pickup instead of a delivery address.



We have several scheduled dates throughout the shipping season for folks who want to pick-up their orders. This is a great advantage to all concerned - including the bees! However, when you leave our premises with your bees/queens - you are now responsible for their care and we do not offer a replacement guarantee. Customers who do not show up on their scheduled pick up date will forfeit their investment. We will make every attempt to contact you so the bees can be salvaged.

Please make note of your scheduled pick-up date and time!

Happy Hiving,

Richard Weaver, Owner,
and The R Weaver Apiaries staff (hard at work)