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The color and flavor of honey depends entirely upon the flower blossom from which the bees gathered the nectar. We believe Texas flowers yield some of the best-tasting honey you can find! Honeybees have been producing honey for millions of years. If practice makes perfect then honey is one of nature's perfect foods.
Texans are rightfully proud of the many beautiful wildflowers that bloom in profusion throughout the state. Honeybees pollinate those flowers while gathering nectar to make delicious honey, while also insuring that those flowers flourish in succeeding generations. When you eat honey you are supporting one of man's most environmentally beneficial industries and enjoying nature's reward for the vitally important work that honeybees do.
Unique Qualities about Honey
Honey requires no refrigeration. Store at room temperature.
Honey absorbs and retains moisture readily so baked goods will not dry out or become stale as quickly as products made with sugar.
If honey granulates, place the container in warm water until the honey reliquifies.
Select mildly flavored honeys for use in cooking. Use strong flavored honeys in spreads and when a distinct honey flavor is desired.
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