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The Story of R Weaver Apiaries
Weaver Apiaries, Inc. had it beginnings in 1888. It was established at the Lynn Grove Community nine miles south of Navasota, Texas, by Z.S. Weaver and his new bride, Florence Weaver, when they received ten hives of bees as a wedding present. Z.S. Weaver was a farmer and merchant, but he immediately took a great interest in the bees and rapidly made them his main source of livelihood (Photo at left is of the Z.S. Weaver family -- Photo below is of Florence Weaver, taken in 1962).
In 1916, Z.S.'s second son, Roy S. Weaver, Sr. took over the operation of the bees, and in 1925 Roy was joined by his youngest brother, Howard Weaver. At that time, they started producing Queen Bees.
They were diligent in their work, and soon became well-known as producers of some of the best Italian and Caucasian Queens available anywhere.
Roy's youngest son, Binford Weaver, became active in the business in 1944, and with interruptions for a college education and service in Europe during the Cold War, has been the main beekeeper.
After college and four years of service in the Southwest pacific theater during World War II, Roy's oldest son, Roy S. Weaver, Jr., joined the business and became the main Queen producer. In 1949, Howard Weaver formed his own company, Howard Weaver and Sons, and continued the Caucasian part of the program
(photo at left is of Roy Weaver, Jr. in a Queenyard -- Photo Courtesy of Texas Highways Magazine).
Roy S. Weaver, Sr., Roy S. Weaver, Jr., and Binford Weaver continued the Italian part of the operation as WEAVER APIARIES. Roy Jr.'s son, Richard Weaver, joined the business in 1968 and became the main Queen producer. Roy, Sr. died in 1978 at the age of 86, leaving two of his sons and one grandson to operate the business - the third and fourth generations (photo at right is of Richard Weaver working in a Beehive -- Photo Courtesy of Texas Highways Magazine).
Richard's son, Clint Weaver, joined R WEAVER APIARIES in 1998. Roy S. Weaver Jr. died in April 2001, now our business, which was begun in 1888, is operated by the fourth and fifth generations.
The Weaver's have always had the habit of working hard and long hours. While being quick to experiment with new ideas and methods, they are also very conservative when it comes to changing methods that are yielding good results. They could be called "conservative pioneers." This approach has resulted in a company that produces some of the best Queens in the world!
One hundred and thirty years later, we continue to give our customers the best in QUALITY and SERVICE with INTEGRITY!