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We are committed to raising the standard of customer service and we have EVERYTHING you need for keeping bees!

Per UPS regulations, liquid syrup will not be used in the shipment of package bees and dry sugar feed will be substituted.

Specializing in High Quality Queen Bees, Package Bees, Nucs, Established Hives, Bee Supplies and Honey!
R Weaver Apiaries, Inc. had its BEGINNINGS in 1888. It was established at the Lynn Grove Community in Texas, by Z.S. Weaver and his new bride, Florence, when they received ten hives as a wedding present. Pictured at left are Z.S. and Florence with their children (photo at left taken in the late 1890's)

Richard Weaver continues the tradition of beekeeping with R Weaver Apiaries, Inc. Since 1925 the Weaver's have had a program of selection and careful breeding to produce the Weaver Buckfast Queen Bee.
A Personal note to our customers: The R Weaver Apiaries operates with the "Hands On" approach. Collectively, we have over 130 years of experience that go into each and every queen and package of bees we ship.

Richard Weaver, who is the sole owner, provides 50 years of queen rearing expertise.

Clint Weaver, Richard's son, will be personally responsible for the harvest of every package of bees, nucs and one-story established hives.

We have several seasonal employees that come back year after year to work for us in the busy spring season and they provide a valuable service to us all. Rest assured, your queens and package bees are selected with care and personal attention and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you the very best that we are all proud of!

Clint Weaver (shown at left) with a healthy comb of brood produced by our Weaver Buckfast Queen
Weaver Buckfast Established Colony
Weaver Buckfast Established Colony
Weaver Buckfast 4-Frame Nuc with Division Board Feeder
Weaver Buckfast 4-Frame Nuc with Division Board Feeder
Weaver Buckfast 3# Package with Clipped AND Marked Mated Queen
Weaver Buckfast 3# Package with Clipped AND Marked Mated Queen