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R Weaver All American Queens

The All American bee is an interesting breed because it isn’t just one particular breed of bee, but rather a diverse culmination of bee genetics. Over the years we have introduced various breeds such as Italian, Cordovan, Carniolan, Canadian Buckfast, and bees possessing the Harbo VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygienic) trait that have crossed with our own R Weaver stock of Italian and Buckfast. As we work through our production colonies, we select the best stock for production mothers and bring in only superior hives that have proven over time to be gentle, prolific honey producers, and strong brood producers. The result of such selection is the All American Queen; which we are proud to make available to our customers. Read more about All-American queen bees here.

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Queens are available from April until the end of September. We ship by UPS GROUND. Please allow 1 to 2 days transit time.

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