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At Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England, Brother Adam's primary aim was to breed a bee with high resistance to tracheal mites. When he had accomplished that, he began incorporating good traits he found in various races of bees during his extensive travels. He developed a bee which was gentle, had highly fecund queens, were high honey producers with a low swarming tendency, and were good wintering bees with a low consumption of stores. We are continuing to improve this strain. An excellent choice for the Northern States and the East Coast Region. Read more about Buckfast bees here.

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We use wooden queen cages. For larger shipments our queens are available in "Battery Boxes" of 56 or 104 Queens are are shipped in plastic cages.

Queens are available from the last week in March until the end of October. We ship by UPS GROUND. Please allow 1 to 2 days transit time.
For customer pickup, pickup dates are every Saturday in April and every Friday in May.

For Queen shipments we book orders in advance, send a confirming bill, and require payment in full before shipment. Orders to be split into smaller shipments will qualify for the quantity price break if the order is placed and paid for at one time.

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