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Plus S/H
Ships by UPS Ground Service, weight 50lbs.
The Super Standard Beginners Kit has all the equipment you need to start a one-story hive with a honey super.

  • One Bottom Board OR Screened Bottom Board (Specify Below)
  • Telescoping Cover with Inner Cover
  • One Entrance Reducer
  • One 9-5/8" Deep Hive Body
  • Ten 9-1/8" Frames
  • Ten Sheets 8-1/2" Rite-Cell Foundation
  • One 6-5/8" Honey Super
  • Ten 6-1/4" Frames
  • Ten Sheets 5-5/8" Rite-Cell Foundation
  • One Queen Excluder
  • One Boardman Entrance Feeder


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Bottom Board: