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R Weaver Buckfast Queen

Our signature queen, the R Weaver Buckfast, is another superior bee available only at R Weaver Apiaries. In addition to the desirable traits of the original Buckfast bee, as developed by Brother Adam, R Weaver Buckfast bees also possess a more open brood pattern, are often darker in color, and are prolific honey producers. The R Weaver Buckfast is also a gentle breed and we at R Weaver Apiaries worked very hard to address any past complaints for aggressive behavior. As a result negative reports have been dramatically reduced, if not eliminated. Read more about Buckfast bees here.

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Queens are available from April until the end of September. We ship by UPS 3-DAY SELECT, but for even faster delivery, UPS NEXT DAY and 2-DAY is also available. Contact us if you want to upgrade your shipping method.

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