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Keeping Bees for Agriculture Tax Exemption: Two Options to Choose From

Option #1 - Land Owner Leases Bees from R Weaver Apiaries, and R Weaver Manages Them

$200.00 per Colony, per Year
10 Colony Minimum
Available Year Round

Our hive leasing program is for those who would like the benefits of having colonies on their property without being beekeepers themselves.

Possible benefits of hosting colonies are:

  • Qualification for agricultural exemption, saving you money on your property taxes.*
  • Pollination for plants or crops on the property.
  • A few jars of local honey to share with family and friends.

* It is the responsibility of the landwoner to contact their county AG extension service and/or tax appraisal district to determine whether or not their property qualifies for an AG exemption.

Here's how it works:

  • We will determine whether or not the property is a reasonable/practical distance from our farm (approx. 60 miles).
  • We will determine if the property is suitable for an apiary.
  • We will move a minimum of 10 colonies at $200 per colony, per year, onto your property. The cost is renegotiable every two years.
  • We will maintain the colonies and the immediate area surrounding the colonies. We must be allowed access to the bees Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. Notice: We will not be on your property six days a week, but accessibility is necessary. We will check and inspect the colonies every two weeks on average.
  • We will show your property the UTMOST RESPECT when we inspect the hives.

We look forward to providing this service. It will benefit all parties involved. Please call the office at 936-825-2333 or Clint at 936-825-4947 and we will be happy to get you set up with bees for your tax savings to begin!

Option #2 - Land Owner Purchases Bees and Equipment and Self-Manages Hives

$600.00 per Colony
Customer Pick-Up Only
Available Spring and Summer
Order Here

A fully established hive of bees installed in our new Standard Hive Kit (included).

This method is best for beekepers who want to get started without all of the early potential risks of establishing a hive of bees. It is ready to load in your vehicle and take to their new home. You can begin your beekeping experience by learning to manage your hive without having to worry about start up mistakes. This is also a great option for customers who want to have bees on their land as an Agriculture tax exemption.

You'll still need to purchase a few extra bee supplies like your Honey Super Complete, Bee Smoker, Bee Suit, Hive Tool, Bee Gloves, Bee Brush, etc. Visit your Bee Supplies page for purchasing the tools of the trade. All bee equipment and accessories are available at our store - no need to preorder!